Thursday, July 16, 2015

We come in peace. We're here to help...

   There's rumblings about the world about government sponsored 'guaranteed income'. Ie: Humans need $x to live, so top em off. With cashiers being increasingly displaced by automated tellers, robots looking to overtake the trucking industry, more and more things being automated... we're inventing our way out of jobs... at least the ones we don't ship overseas... and a lot of THOSE ones, too....

   We might run short on work, as more and more things become automated... which is what we've been promised all along...

   I've been saying for a long time that the transition from where we are now, to a jetsons or star trek life is going to be bumpy.

   btw, need a new house PRINTED? Yeah, you better believe that's a thing. So far, they haven't done a ton with 3d printing, and... It still needs a few people to run it... but for how long?

   When the farming machines and the food prep machines and the delivery machines are maintained by machines... well... who NEEDS us? Each other? Entertainers? Will we all be keeping busy on the evolutions of social media, producing levels in games of holodecks (or whatever oculus rift turns into) for each other for fun, cooking for fun, art, sex trade, movie hobbyists, extreme sports, which can optionally be done from the safety of your headset/neural jack, whatever?

   Exploring the world for people who aren't plugged in yet, and might be hurt, hungry, or, scariest of all... BORED?

...... yeah, we will be the borg. You think culture appropriation is bad NOW? We will add their cultural and technological distinctiveness to our own.

Resistance.... ohm.

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