Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Review: Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society

"The Major has you, Neo."

I just finished watching “Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society”. I'm not sure how this one escaped me for so long. It was typical GITS fare, for better and worse.

The worst of worse is that GITS loves to hear itself talk, and besides throwing a lot of terminology around expecting you to follow along, I'm not always sure the translations of these little complexities come through as clearly as they could. There were also some themes that are very prominent in the current 'uh-oh sphere' in Japan, so I guess you get more out of it if you're aware of that. Doubtless there's ton of Japan-culture things going on that a gaijin like me won't catch.

GITS also has a few of it's own tropes that make appearances... Motoko Kusanagi MUST:
-Jump on the back of a walking tank to open up its hatch.
-Jump backwards off a building, so we can watch from above as she engages optical camouflage and disappears.
-Float in water naked in the fetal position. Well... this was in the opening credits thing, and it soon becomes apparent that she's not naked, and that's not water, it's cyberspace, but the visual starts off very reminiscent of the opening of the original GITS movie.
-Not be played by ScarJo.

The smart tanks eventually become involved, but have fewer lines than in the series, so their squeaky voices don't get a chance to be annoying. It's the Tachikoma smart tanks of course... I miss the Fushikomas. But alas... not yet.

The main 'unsub' is “the puppeteer”. Really? That had me wondering for a minute if this was a retelling of the Puppetmaster story arc, but no. Was the name just fanservice? Oh well... the puppeteer does use people as puppets via hacking their cyberbrains... but this has to be a common enough crime in that age. And you can't have ALL of them calling themselves puppet-this and puppet-that.

Overall, typical GITS fare. Even seeing its flaws, watching some GITS, (especially NEW GITS) is darn near therapeutic to my nerdy brain.

Rating: Fanboy/10


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