Tuesday, April 7, 2015

'Beyond Bermuda' review and general update

Holy crap, my last post was OCTOBER?... phew. Really, see more of my junk on FB than here, but I have a review I want to post, and another in upcoming days... I'll get to that...

I've been extra inactive in the last few weeks to to a pressure wound, (my first in my 14 years on being in a wheelchair) and I'll be in the hospital for a whiiiiile yet, so I get to play catch-up a bit, including writing on Rubberman's Citizens.

Shortly after I got scooped into the hospital, "Plan 559 From Outer Space" was released.


It's by a lot of the same gang who've done the "13 Bites" books, and other studio 559 stuff.

I contributed a short story, where Lifehack's Regan goes on a quest (during her quarantine time in the zombie-controlled city) for a mannequin for companionship. Hyjinx, action, drama, tra la la.. you know, Regan stuff. Did I post about the other Regan stuff? If not, next post.

So, Rubberman's Citizens, the next tale in the Rubberman series.... I have more time to work on it from the hospital, (yay?) which makes up for the lost writing time that I'd hoped for over spring break.

It's going well, my baddy's become a coke fiend, and thinks most people aren't 'real', and that he himself is an Actual. The accepted Actual is basically god to the Citizens, and by accident, the book's going to end up with some heavy biblical imagery. Bab-il, here we come. Rubberman's Citizen's intersects with Rubberman's Cage for a bit, so a handful of pages, I'll have to re-write events form the viewpoint of Leena, Citizen's protagonist. That will be interesting to do without being redundant.

I could ramble on and on... but on to the main event, my review of:



Beyond Bermuda is an adventure, but I'm not sure I want to pigeon-hole it much further than that. What starts out purposely without definition, turns into a little survival tactics, a little touch of corporate maneuverings, then onto a little espionage, some outright squad-based military tactics, a tour through otherworldly horror, and then, and then, and then... It was a WHAT all this time? OF COURSE IT IS! AWESOME! But.....No spoilers.

Our hero, Hal Brent's struggles within the triangle are interesting and asks a lot of questions, and his experiences and consequences with it nag him when he's safely outside the triangle's direct effect. Nag him and more. Should I mention the romantic sub-plot? Huh. I just did. What I liked about it is how naturally it developed. Nothing felt forced.

I want to watch this book as a five-part miniseries, or play as a game. The special effects would get pretty tricky in parts. (see above: Awesome) The book itself felt long, but in a good way. Your journey through stages of Hal's experiences are worth taking your time with, because before long, he'll be thrown into a whole new ballgame. Hang on, it gets pretty rough!

….. what used to be in that glass container over there? Hal? Hal? Pass the ammo.


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