Tuesday, September 2, 2014


In the paperback format, anyway. Kindle is still cooking.

Paperback: http://www.amazon.com/Rubbermans-Cage-1-Joseph-Picard/dp/0981396003

Kindle (only available for pre-order right now): http://www.amazon.com/Rubbermans-Cage-Joseph-Picard-ebook/dp/B00MT427K6

Rubberman's Cage will be thrown under the labels "Sci-fi", "Dystopian" and "Post-Apocaypse". The odd thing it, despite kind of feeling like all those things.... technically it isn't. I expect fans of those genres will be happy though. Some of the most important issues the book finds itself in aren't even hinted at in the blurb... but the blurb can only do so much before it becomes too long, or littered with spoilers.

Lenth grew up in a lie.

Apparently there's more than five people in the world.

Four Brothers live their lives in an enclosed habitat as directed by the silent Rubberman above them. When they disobey, they get shocked. This is normal. It always has been.

When a Brother dies, they learn of death. When he is replaced by someone new, they learn they are replaceable.

When the ceiling above the ceiling cracks open, Lenth plans a journey beyond the known universe:

A third floor.



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