Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Just finished "the Chrysalids". Oh, and here's a vid of me reading from a kiddie fairy book. :P

Mmmm, Chris salads.

Okay, I read Chrysalids way back when in highschool, in a "FORCED TO" capacity. I didn't remember much, I wasn't that into it, I had other things going on. I got about as deep into it as I needed to pass. I think. Heck, for all I remember, I may have moved before finishing it.

This was a bit over 20 years ago, just so y'all understand how my normally laser-accurate memory could be a tad foggy.

The student I'm hosting right now got forced to read it.. poor lass.. English isn't her first language, and it's doubtless that she got even less out of it than I did... but hearing her ask about it made me curious to go revisit it. I've been reading older stuff lately. Chrysalids, Catcher in the Rye, Dracula... but next I have a fresh book to read that I promised to review.. so stay tuned.

Chrysalids was way better than I remembered. A lot of that is certainly my maturity- the ability to grasp all the concepts, as well as the patience to not skim over it all. Not to mention my expanded exposure to the concepts of post-apocalyptia. The book would fit in well with a number of other works in post-apocalyptic culture.. which makes sense, as Chysalids likely established much the classic tropes.

Chrysalids is one of the few sci-fi books that was covered in school. (For all I remember, the only one.) That's a shame.. although I MIGHT have a bias. This book needs a movie. A good one, not the other kind.

In other news... FAIRIES!!!!

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