Sunday, June 23, 2013

By Actual's Messenger...

Fresh off the keys, first draft chunk of Rubberman's Cage I just wrote.. it's confusing as heck out of context, but I SWEAR, it's not sci-fi!:


Lenth tilted his head. “But isn't Messenger picked from the Providers? So couldn't you, or Gabe, or any Provider eventually become this... Actual?”

Contact smirked, and raised an eyebrow quite high. “Ah. Simple, yes?” He patted his gut. “I would make a poor Messenger, I think, if you're implying I have such a goal. But it isn't that simple. The Messenger becomes almost entirely removed from us. From our world. He travels beyond our realm, out beyond the Citizenry, and beyond places with no names before reaching the halls of Actual. And as removed as Messenger is from us, Actual is removed from him!”
Reaching up, Contact held his hand open, as if ready to receive from the great unseen Actual, by providence of his Messenger.


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