Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The not-a-trilogy trilogy... actually ... a TRILOGY? Shut your mouth.

Hmmm... Maybe I should just officially declare my 3 books a series. Like.. make the covers spell it out, and the writeup on the back.. the only real issue there is Watching Yute. While it's my fav of the three, it's decidedly the odd man out, with a lot less action, and a lot more emo. :P A well done back cover might be able to explain without being apologetic for it.

So yeah... how about Rubberman? The first of a new series? I don't want to expand on the Lifehack world any further, nanites are DONE. (he said while pondering ways to pull it off) so I have to keep in mind how I can steer Rubberman to leave room for a new book in that world, and still wrap up the first story sufficiently.

I already have an idea on that front... want a spoiler? My idea reminds me of the end of another book...Have you read Akira? (not watched, READ) What happens at the end?

No, not that. I said the BOOK. Yesss, that's a shot from the book, but it's not the ending, okay??

And I'm not saying Lenth develops horrific psychic powers, or gets a bike, or a laser rifle.. hey.. hey maybe those last 2 things. "Joe! You're ripping off Akira!" "No! The bike is BLUE, This is just a tribute! You gotta believe me!"

..... oh Mr. Black.. I can't make up my mind about you sometimes.

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