Friday, April 26, 2013

The Millions That Were - A clip from Rubberman's Cage

Just a snippet from Rubberman's Cage. Don't read TOO much into what's being said- it's just a theory.. but first, have a peek at the new 'working cover', in case you haven't seen it on my facebook page...

“I've read things,” Gabe said with a look and a tone that wiped away Lenth's smirk. “Things that don't make much sense at all. A place without a ceiling, people ripped like cloth. People by the thousands. Torn, burnt. By tools that I don't understand.”
Lenth scoffed lightly. “Whatever that was that you read... it must be written by someone as a joke. A dumb, mean joke.” Lenth waited for Gabe to agree, or at least entertain the idea.
“No.” Gabe said instead. “I figured that at first too, but there's just too many accounts of the past. It just got worse and worse. The people before, up there; they must have been some kind of... I don't know.”
“But wait,” Lenth said, “if they're so awful, why do they send us things that we need?”
“Maybe they don't.” Gabe shrugged. “Maybe they all finally killed each other off. Maybe it's just the messenger, finding things and bringing them down.”
Lenth glanced at Joints laying there, breathing slow by steady. “So do you think that we... the providers, the subjects, the managers... do you think we're all that's left from those millions of people?”
Gabe sighed and looked around. “I don't know. I have no idea. It all seems pretty far fetched. A lot of it makes an odd kind of sense after a while, but...a place with no ceiling?”
Lenth's smirk returned. “Okay, but let's pretend that's true. What would be the point of us being in this place?”
“I don't know about you, but I don't see any wars in here. Maybe we're protected here. And if they did all kill each other, maybe it will be our job to go back there and... and put people there. Oh, which reminds me, have you gotten your head around this human reproduction thing?”

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