Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"Rubberman's Cage" treks on.. and OW my skull!

"Ooh, who or what is rubberman?" you may ask.
"Does he own this cage, or is he IN it?" you may ask.
(no, no, not quackers!.. oh.. that's not him, I'm safe...)

"Is the cage just a metaphor for everyday life and having your newly walking son run into you while you're crouching down to help him, and crack your goddam skull so hard you're still dizzy hours later?" You may ask..

...you might not.. that last bit might just be something that happened to me today. Ow goddammitttttt, OW.

But yeah, RC is chugging along slowly. When creating a unique society and environment, (I won't use the term 'alien world', since it's entirely earth-based) you find you have to backtrack a lot to keep things in alignment.

"Why would he know X, when she didn't know X, but knew all about Y?" "Can I justify Z knowing Q, when J has no experience with..." Yeah, see me avoiding spoilers there? Annoying, huh? At thins point, I have very little idea how much can be leaked 'safely'.

I just know that at some point, in the real world, I'm going to be making some very odd cookies, (which I will dare to eat, and mayhaps serve at VCON one day)

Here's some leaks you can handle:

Alright, the 'brother' Lenth has emerged as the chief protagonist. The other brothers, (Joints, Spots, and Blue) were not as motivated to defy the routine that Rubberman can imposed their entire lives. As such, Lenth has found out that the whole of existence is larger than five people, and the handful of rooms he knows as his reality.

He's even saw several 'females', or 'lumpy men' as he still has habit to call them. Now he's facing his master's masters, and he seeks answers as to where his brother 'Slim' was taken after he became dead. Whatever that means. Lenth really wants to speak with Slim.

And the apparent powers that be have questions for Lenth as well.

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