Friday, April 5, 2013

My Arch-Nemefreind

My imagined arch-nemefriend, Robert J. Sawyer signed my book. My book, as in not his.

'Imagined' in that I pose no threat to his sci-fi empire, even if I tried. I have just a fewwwww books to catch up to his tally, (a few is considered to mean between 20 and 30, right?) but recent years have seen a drastic cut to the 'book a year' rhythm I had worked myself into. Oh well, the source of that problem is about the nicest one could want, and they're going to turn two and six next month!

Anyway, Rob's a Canadian, and I'm a Canadian. He's a wonderful writer, and I'm a.. a writer. So, if I'm going to use anyone as a buoy to aim for in writing, I may as well include Rob as a target. Not that I want to BE Rob, but there's more than a few lessons I could learn by seeing how he gets things done.

Like touring with a new book.That sounds fun. Maybe when my kids are a lot older, and my books are able to pay for it. If that never happens, it's not the end of the world. I hate travel. My wheelchair REALLY hates travel.

Speaking of kids, it's getting close for time to go get my daughter from kindergarten! I was going to go on about the trip to Rob's event, but short blog entries are earlier to digest, aren't they? So! Next time!

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