Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oh, look, an update.

Can I blame a new son for my lack of updates? Why not, he can't defend himself. Hello world, I now have 2 kids. Caitlin recently turned four, and Lachlan (non-scots can feel free to say it 'lock-lin') is almost 2 months old now.

Kids. With an S, and all... pluraly. Caitlin isn't entirely aware that the new baby isn't a toy for her amusement, but she's catching on. The cat is suffering from flashbacks of hearing Caitlin wail at random times around the clock.

I am not longer employed, (long story, but no hurt feelings.. I have a taste for working a job-job now, so I'll be sniffing about...) so wth no big daytime requirements, I have the night-duty of trying to keep Lachlan quiet and happy. This licences me to sleep in late in the morning. This week happens to be different though. This week, my plural kids and my wife have gone on a camping trip without me, to chill with my inlaws. Me and my wheelchair aren't exactly camping-friendly, which results in my getting a week-long chance to catch up on crap and get things done that have been waiting for months.

Speaking of the wheelchair, after nearly a decade in this one, I will soon have a new one. Same-ish but slightly different style. Smaller width by an inch or two, bigger wheels by a bit, things that can do this, and that, fancier spokes. Any day now...

Writing has had a bit of a boost this week, but not as much as I had hoped. I've been actually kinda busy around here. The serial bleeder is definitely going to be my next book, even if I can't decide on the final title.. but there's lots of time. Oh, and if I didn't mention if before, I'm all set to go the VCON this October again, peddling my books, and having a blast.

Next entry- Dark Cloud and Actraiser. So.. yeah. Ooh, and maybe a review I'm doing for "Tom Smith and the Electric Skyship" written by Steve Fahnestalk.

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