Friday, November 5, 2010

Drivers suck. The car kind, not the computer kind.

Three lanes of traffic stopped at the crosswalk for me. Kindly, lawfully, and all that good citizen stuff. I'd waited for the traffic to stop before heading forward.

When I got to the fourth lane which was empty until that moment, someone, (seemingly sitting clueless in the third lane about why 3 lanes of traffic would all stop at once) whipped around and shot right towards me. I braced for impact and held up an arm in defense. (Because that's worked out SO well for me in the past! Pfft.) The lady stopped just in time to touch my forearm with her grill.

Ironically, she had a disabled parking pass dangling from her rear view mirror. I bet she has a really noticeable limp on rainy days.

I glared at her and looked away when she looked like she was going to try to roll down a window to start conversation. There was no point, she knew how she was being an idiot.

It was very tempting to pull out my arm-rest and smash out a headlight, but I resisted. I got on the sidewalk and started onward.

A lady yelled at me from 3 lanes over. "Are you alright?" A sweet old lady pedestrian caught up soon after, and asked the same question, adding in a "That stupid f****** b*****." She's didn't seem the type to have a foul mouth, but then again, neither did Betty White.

I've had issues with drivers hitting or nearly hitting me four times off the top of my head. The one that put me in the wheelchair was a 50/50 fault The other three were pure driver idiocy of extraordinary proportions. I never got a licence before my accident because I didn't trust myself with a few tons of glass and metal. How about everyone else?

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