Monday, October 18, 2010

VCON 35, 2010- Sunday, Endgame

This was the shortest day in the vendor room. It was busier than friday, but after saturday, it felt darn near serene. As I predicted, several 'orbiters' finally made a purchase, and I had to part with the promised poster of Alisia.

I actually parted with most of my posters during the weekend, but hey.. it gives me an excuse to restock. I later even sold my 2 fancy display banners. Go figure.

And along came Gabe. He had come for his prize, his destiny.... he slapped down $7.26. The UN had not stepped forward, so I let the world's first combat spatula go to Gabe...!

All hail the hero!
I gave him $1.26 back, because I was trying to go the whole weekend withing dealing with coins. I would have just let him have it free, but I didn't want to set a precedent of giving away my kitchen ware.

As the day was coming to a close, I started wrapping up my table, since it had been ransacked anyway. BUT! I had two books in an odd place.. someone had paid for two books, and set them down to chat. She had a lot to carry around, and probably assumed she had the books in a bag when she left. THANKFULLY, I had signed them with her name in them.. only her first name. So I was set on a quest with a first name and a general description. Long story short, about a week later, she came to my house with her hubby to pick them up, and they brought me a fancy cutting board. Ok, that sounds kinda lame, but it's really awesome, made of a bunch of different wood, and I think I'd rather frame it than cut meat on it.

Anyway, while I was hunting clues, I was on the other side of the vendor room, when I see a familiar sight.. my wife! And I heard a familiar sound- my little girl! The top of a little head bobbing along the other side of a row of tables, armed with instructions from my wife on how to get to me. She made it around the corner, grinned madly, and pointed. "I FOUND DADDY!"

I held out my arms, expecting a hug, but no! She had to go back around the tables to report to mommy. "Mommy! I found daddy!"

Vendors around me had a laugh, and said things like "So we finally meet your little one!" I didn't think I was talking about her throughout the weekend, but apparently I had been. By the time I got back to my table, my wife had gotten pretty far in the wrap up of my table. She was in a little bit of a rush, and on the way out, I was snagged by one ms. Heather Dale. She wanted to swap one of her CDs for one of my books. I said yes to be polite, and was generally in a rush. Celtic style songs aren't generally my kind of thing, but when I finally got to listen to it, it was really neat stuff to counterbalance the harder stuff I often listen to. In fact, it's still in my CD drive.

Well, that was VCON35.It was a blast, and worth every minute, even the lowpoints were worth it. even freezing my @$$ off at the mercy of an insane air conditioner.

Next year? Yeah, I'll be there.. but I'm really serious, serious, even more serious than last time... Don't expect me to have another new book ready by then! But stay tuned to hear about what's coming down the pipe...

PS: google up Sandra Wickham. She didn't need to share wine, she was smuggling a 6-pack! She was definitely serious about the modeling thing...!

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