Sunday, October 17, 2010

VCON 35, 2010- Saturday, part 2- Game room and Cosplayers

As the vendor's hours were wrapping up, Gabe (you know, Gabe, young man seeking his destiny; A quest, an epic quest) and his brother Donn (young man not necessarily seeking any destiny that I knew of) asked if I was going to the gaming room. I DID kind of plan on checking it out, and I had a bit for time before I was expected elsewhere, so ... why not.

Besides.. Donn looked like the type whom one might not like when he became angry.
Or something. I never asked what he was going for with his outfit, and I never asked, hoping that I would clue in on my own eventually. At any rate, once the vendor room was all 'tied down', I headed over, a few doors down.

I used to be pretty heavy into pen&paper RPGs, but I really only ever played a system I made, and to a lesser degree, D&D 2nd edition. I BOUGHT 3rd edition mostly to see what was different, and to gawk at the pretty, pretty pictures. Alas, I don't think anyone plays 2nd edition anymore, and I didn't have time to get into any hardcore questing anyway. The best sessions take at least eight hours, right?

Conveniently, the game that Gabe and Donn had in mind was ... oh frig, I forget, and google isn't helping me.. "Yes my dark lord" or something.. Everyone is a lowly goblin, and the game master is the chief goblin. The game begins as something has been found to have gone wrong. No one knows who's fault it is, and it's the players duty to blame any other player by making up stores based on the clue cards you get. If you're doing a bad job, or speak out of turn or something.. the GM gives you a ... I think it was called a 'disdainful glower' card. If you get three of these cards, you're toast.

Confused? We were too, it was the first time for all of us. Without full understanding, we lept in and began. Soon Gabe and I were blaming each other for all kinds of things, from being a secret evil sorcerer, and screaming like a little girl as our hot air balloon was going down. I have no idea what the original problem was. It was fun. I lost. I'm not even sure how anymore, it didn't matter. I didn't have time for another game, but that didn't stop me from jabbering on anyway.

Yeah, next up was the SFCanada meeting/party in the other building. by now, my sleep deprivation and taurine-based metabolism had me in a pretty silly condition. I think this was when I ran into a handful of random people outside, and being slowed by a crossing car, ended up talking for ten or so minutes about nothing.

Did I mention I was already late? I was invited to this party last year, and couldn't go due to having to commute home after the book launch event. So I was now one year and twenty minutes late. Bear in mind, gentle reader, my memory is akin to a goldfish swimming in beer, so I may have messed up the order of some events.

I got into the other building, on the floor of the SFCanada meeting. Here, I encountered several cosplayers. I think. Know what? Let's take this opportunity to mention some of the cosplayers.

Earlier in the vendor room, I spotted one miss Amelia Pond:

I should have gotten her to pose next to Professor Whovianart. Alas, hindsight. For those not in the know, this is how adult 'Amy Pond' appeared first in the latest incarnation of Dr. Who. She isn't a cop, she's a singing telegram girl, or something. Not a stripper, heavens no, the BBC would not stand for that in a Dr. Who! As it was, many people had their feathers ruffled, in one way or another.

By the way. Knock knock.
Who's there?
Doctor w-
Yeah, that's the cheapest joke I've learned lately. Or maybe this one: Did you hear the 'me neither' joke? No? Me neither.

Yeah, I'm sorry. Now go inflict those jokes upon others. Alright, back to cosplayers... I saw this one guy a lot earlier in a crowd. Just a glance, and I thought, "Geez, I'm not gonna tell him what he looks like... they might be his usual look'. But later I saw him posing up a storm, and I got a good look.

Why yes, it's MATHEW PATEL! RAMONA'S FIRST! EVIL! EX!He had the moves, he had the speech down pat, it was right on. Unfortunately, I didn't get a great shot. If my camera went off when I hit the button, as compared to a second later... oh well.. sorry.

Of course, I had to get a shot of someone from the 501st. For those of you who didn't know, these guys number in the thousands all over north america. They's is big. He had a handful of storm trooper at VCON, at least one Boba Fett, a couple storm trooper variants.. I didn't spot any sith this year though.Someone who dressed inspired by Team Fortress 2:And Ezio from Assassin's Creed 2: (John Guston Klinger won the costume contest; and who dare vote against him? That knife on his wrist really retracted and deployed like the character...!Not that I'm much of a fan of TF2 or AC2, they were just neat costumes. I also got a shot of this girl, who wasn't playing as a character- she just wanted to dress like that. I thought she looked like she could be a character from Scott Pilgrim. The comic.. maybe not the movie.Whew. I think this entry's gone on long enough. Next entry: SFCanada party, and the dance..!

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