Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Site re-tuning. And Lifehack being read by the military...?

Not much to say today. I have a rant that's been perking for a while now, but I don't have the energy right now. It's past my beddy-bye time. has just had a bit of reorganizing and graphic replacements done. Much more organized and simple, which isn't a small feat when trying to manage two and a half storefronts for trade paperbacks, (each with thier plusses and minuses, so I want to offer both) one for hardcover and PDF e-books, and another for e-books in a variety of formats... which threatens to make a very muddled front page, but I think I've got it pinned down. I also officially introduced the 3rd book into the site (other than this blog, where it's been mentioned before).

In other news, the e-books are being 'shipped' free to deployed soldiers, mostly towards the middle east. "Operation E-book Drop" has just surpassed 300 contributing authors. OEbD serves MOSTLY U.S. and U.K. troops, but some of out Canucks have caught wind of it. It's all word of mouth, organized by Ed Patterson, who can be found on facebook easily enough if you're a troop having trouble finding stuff for your e-book reader, or an author who wants to throw their hat in the ring. Regardless of your stance on the war as a whole, these boys & girls out there deserve our respect, and I hear most of them like the connection OEbD creates to home.

So yeah.... a fair handful of troops have grabbed Lifehack and Watching Yute now, and I KINDA cringe to think what actual soldiers think of how I handle the military situations that pop up in my book- even if it's a fictional military in a fictional country, in the near future.

In other news....? I have no idea, I need sleep. I'll get to that rant eventually.

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