Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New stock in, writing continues.

Just a quick note to those of you locals who missed out on the last batch (Due to a combination of a lack of preordering, and the huge success at VCON) I got a new shipment today! (Both Lifehack and Watching Yute) So if you're still looking for a copy, let me know! I'm eating the tax, the duty, the delivery, and even after that, I'm rounding down.

I only got trade paperbacks though... if you want a hardcover, order it off the net like the rest of the world. They cost so much more to have made, it's not worth my effort to keep a stock of em.

In other news, 'Echoes of Erebus' pushes forward... I had an idea last night that will vastly improve flow of the story... and force me to erase nearly a week's worth of writing. But that's the way it goes!

I'm at the point just before Sarah's 'birth', which will be a surprise to her, as she's pretty sure she's already in her mid 20's. But that's the way it goes for a gal made of fish parts collected by an ex-genocidal A.I.!

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