Monday, August 31, 2009

Sarah, drunk.

“Harreeeeeeeeie!” Sarah walked her bike into Harry's office, with quite a bit of trouble. “Harrrrreeeeee, guess... guess what happened to me?”

Harry looked up from his terminal with mild amusement. “You stopped a robbery at the pub by throwing a cash register at a guy with a gun.”

Sarah perked up with an expression of surprise. “Shit! Harry, you've got some kinda … kinda mind powers! How did you know?” She attempted to lean her bike nicely against the desk before sitting down, but instead the bike nearly took out Harry's desk lamp, and Sarah barely found the chair without ending up on the floor. The bike clattered to the floor, and then a stark silence fell over the room. Sarah looked at the bike, and looked at Harry. “Well, shit.”

Harry smiled sublimely with closed eyes. “I know about it because you called and told me. I'd guess at least three drinks ago.”

Sarah looked at her personal terminal, then looked at Harry. “Well, shit!” She exploded into giggles, and grabbed onto the corner of Harry's desk, to save herself from sliding to the floor.

Harry sighed. “I assume you're taking the rest of the day off?”

In response, Sarah gave a sheepish, lazy smile. She leaned on the desk with her elbow, and used her other arm to stretch out and point at Harry, nearly poking him in the face. She spoke softly, as if she had a secret. “Harry. Harry. Harry. I don't tell you this, cuz you're a jerk, and I gotta keep you on yer toes, but you're an okay guy, Harry.”
“For a jerk, huh?”

“No! No no no, you're a okay guy for everybody, not just jerks! Why are you okay to jerks, that's maybe what I don't necessessesessssssarily understand.” Sarah leaned down, laying her head on the desk. “Your desk needs a pillow. Otherwise, it's quite comfy.”


Bloody blog doesn't support formatting the way it's supposed to look. But anyway, that was a first draft clip from chapter 3 of the 3rd book. Anyone remember what I said on Facebook about Sarah?

Anyway, I'm still waiting for Amazon to figure out that Watching Yute is out. It'll probably take em a few days more.

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