Monday, August 17, 2009

Everyone say hello to Amazon-

Hello, Amazon!

Starting with this post, my blog will be getting pumped into my corner of, as well as the home of this blog, 'blogger', and facebook notes.

So, Amazon finally got me. After years of irritation by their hand when I was with my old print/disto outfit, my new source is far more Amazon-compatible. I'll spare you my cynical theories.

As well, shipping cost when a person buys my books through Amazon are way better than form anywhere else. I actually get a teeny bit less profit, but this is offset easily by the number of people who didn't want to pay a cost for shipping equal to the cost of the book. How does Amazon do it? Dark arts, my friends, dark arts. Wait, I said I was going to spare the cynicisms. At any rate, Amazon will be the focus for the selling of my softcover versions of my books. Hardcovers will still be through ole' lulu, and subject to horrific, unholy shipping costs, especially to Canada.

That's alright though, I'm not pushing the hardcovers, I'm just making them available for a handful of collector-y types. I have little doubt that most of my hardcover sales will be done personally, as I order in batches and dilute the horrible shipping cost.

In Yute news,

The last of 4 volunteer editors delivered the book back to me today, and right on schedule, I've begun the final pass through the book before it gets thrown at the presses... or at least for the proof copy, THEN, the big batch.

It's interesting how 4 different people find different kinds of things. Of course most of the basic errors were found by all, (I'm sure a few remain) but everyone found different sentences tat struck them funny, or uses of various words that different people had different opinions on.

Each of the four, Adam Zilliax, Gilles Picard, Delores Picard, and Meggin Dueckman, provided very useful perspectives. I'm a third through Meggin's suggestions, and hope to be half way through by lights out tonight. Onward!

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