Thursday, August 6, 2009

Codename: Echo- revving up

The third book is now in the outlining phase. Hehe, yeah, before the 2nd is even released. I'm at a phase with the 2nd where I'm waiting on outside factors, so I've got my fingers into 'echo' (not the final name, I haven't decided that yet).

So, I more or less know how it's going to end now, More or less. Watching Yute went a long time without it's ending decided. I waited for the characters to show me the way. As I wrote, it became clearer and clearer how tings were going to play out.

I suspect echo will have a similar maturation process. I encourage it. Even with Lifehack, the characters decided a lot. I reallllly went easy on Regan and Alisia. Cassidy, the hero if Watching Yute didn't have it so easy.

And the hero of echo? Will her path be easy, hard, glorious, or miserable? I really don't know yet, and that's the way I like it.

I did have names picked out for her, and her male travel partner. Yeah, this time, (gasp!) the main character is straight!... kind of. Muaha. I don't know how much to reveal at this point, but she's very... different. Getting psyched!

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