Saturday, March 21, 2009

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Cassidy Stanton. , for those of you seeing my blog in a medium that chooses not to import the images)
This pic is almost three years old now. Time flies when a little girl lands in your life. But anyway, this pic pretty representative of Cassidy.

I tried for a while to peg her as some kind of composite of Regan and Alisia from Lifehack, but she just isn't. Yes, she's military, like Alisia, yes, she's a lesbian, like Regan, but that's about where it ends.
So what's she all about? Part way through the book, she could have answered that without a moment's hesitation, but then something bad happened. At the point Im at writing it right now, she's a bit numb, content to allow her misfortune to define her, and what she does.
I do know how many of these events will play out, but I don't know what shape that will leave Cassidy in. I never worried abotu Regan in the same was I worry about Cassidy. Regan is pretty darn irrepressable, in most aspects. But right now where I'm writing, Cassidy is snapping. I've allowed some bad stuff to happen in Watching Yute, and I don't know if I can realisitcally have Cassidy recover.
She's resisting it.

In other news, my wife, kiddo, and 'Radar' return today, after having been gone across the continent for most of the week. I've managed to get myself MOSTLY into a normal sleep timetable again. My other hosted student, (the one from germany, to whom I've not yet assigned a codename) returned yesterday from her trip to whisler. Sounds like she had a good time.

I saw - oops.. correction, they just got home, I'll whine about the BSG finale later...!

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