Sunday, August 3, 2008

FraidyCat , LionHeart and the 12 step program

The other day two 16-year-old korean students came to stay for 3 weeks. The school board keeps em pretty busy most days, (mostly on touristy type things) and michelle seems intent on doing things with them on the days off... because there isn't much else for them to do.
Yesterday, then both found some toys- my nephew's scooter, a skipping rope, and a hula-hoop... (which is actually Ping and Radar's magnetic 'health hoop'.. wtf...) and then went out into the front area, and played. Yeek. Ladies, we have tv and vid games, and you're outside being randomly active? SICK SICK SICK!

Ah, I have to assign them 'minor-protecting-codenames'. Well, I don't know them that well yet, (and in the course of 3 weeks, I probably won't know them TOO much better, as their english is a bare minimum) so I'll be lazy and categorize them by one defining event.
I let my cat Leela jump up on my lap as she often does, and I wet to go introduce them to her. One of the girls FREAKED RIGHT OUT. I'd seen this kind of thing before, but it was because of a dog. (and it was a GUY, who screamed like a 12 year old girl whenever our dog came into view.) So, for the next 3 weeks, when the girls are awake and home, I'll try to keep Leela outside. In this weather, that's not such a bad thing, but when she comes back in, she demands attention. Lots.
So codenames? FraidyCat and LionHeart. Not that LH was eager to embrace Leela, but compared to FC's reaction... yeah. It's kinda sad.. Leela's the meekest little thing. (At least when humans are concerned)

We're going to attempt a couple Kimchi recipes. We never bothered with Radar, since she had already been in the country for a year and a half, and she was swept up in the kitchen chaos that Ping created.. so we didn't worry. Wish us luck.

Slightly less recent news- Caitlin is walking!! Not much mind you, she still sees crawling as far more efficient, even when carrying something. (her one handed, one-knee, one-foot crawl is hilarious, with an empty energy drink can under her arm like a football...) Her record walking so far is 12 steps. She only stopped because she reached her destination; the toybox. I think it was mainly an exercise in laziness. When I put her down, she was standing. She wanted to go to the toybox, and knew she had to stand to get at the toys. I'm sure she debated in her mind for a while about what was easier- WALKING over there, (what a pain in the ***! Walking! Sheesh!) or getting down to the ground, to crawl over, then having to get back up. Walking won.
Usually when we try to get her to walk, she won't, or takes one step before decided it's dumb and inefficient. He best walking is done for no particular reason, with no prompting, and with no camera around.
Oh yeah, she LOVES FC and LH. They like Caitlin quite a bit too, though I try not to let Caitlin bug them TOO much. FC and LH aren't here to babysit afterall.

AND.... Last moment Lifehack news- I'm still waiting on the first hardcover copy. The other shop in Maple Ridge that I was hoping to put some copies in officially said yes, and I had an unintentionally good day for local promoting yesterday.
As for those 2 shops and I going to the Vancouver Sci-fi convention- that's still up in the air, but I have identified which of the fellows would be leading the charge. He's out camping, so I didn't get to talk to him yesterday, but I did get come productive talk with the comic shop guy. So, the waiting game continues.
Before I ask people if they want copies for my big order, I still have to approve the hardcover copy, and settle the sci-fi con thing.

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