Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The president has no dog.

The Lucy saga has come to a close. A mere day after that first family gave Lucy back to us, another family took her in. They had also responded to the craigslist ad. They have 3 boys, ages 5-12 if I remember correctly, and no other pets. All in all, it sounds like things have been going pretty good. So long Lulubelle. We'll miss ya. Kinda. Sometimes. She's a good soul overall, just.... well, not suited to our home as it has become.

In Optimist club news, last night we held the yearly elections. When the term changes over in October, I'll be the new pres. I kinda knew it was gonna happen. I held the door wiiiide open for someone else to step up, but I think most people were already assuming I was going to be president. I'm VP right now, and our current president calls me the 'co-president', since I take the helm when he's traveling for work, etc. And the fact is, I do a lot. I was also open to the secretary/treasurer position for various reasons, but the chips fell where they did. Here's hoping I don't **** it up TOO bad.

We're on the trail for this "walk for youth" we want to have on June 7. I sought out joiners at the elementary and the highschool. The elementary said that they already had a lot going on, but once I found the right fella at the highschool, it sounds like we might get a lot of participation from them. The pathfinders are pretty much guaranteed in, and the freshly elected VP for next year has plans for some local teams.

I also plan to look into a youth theater group, and the youth centre in Maple Ridge, when I can get out that way. If I'm lucky, tomorrow.


In other news, I now have the fully-marked-up editing copy of Lifehack. Bit by bit, I'll be reviewing the proposed changes, and entering them into the manuscript. I also have to touch up the cover, add page numbering, and have a new photo taken for the back.

Yute progress is slow but steady. Me and the characters are still recovering from THE BAD SCENE, and when thier mood picks up a little, so will the pace of the writing, I think Either way, Yute or Lifehack is going to take the forefront at the temporary expense of the other.

Oh! I forgot! Caitlin's 7th tooth is almost done popping up, and the lil scamp can climb the entire starcase with very little effort! May 27th is her first birthday, and party plans are underway.

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