Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Lifehack 83%, Became VP of my busy club

After a lull, I've gotten re-motivated. (I always do this kind of thing in bursts.. better than pushing through a lull and writing crap, in my opinion) Anyway, as of 5 minutes ago, I passed the 83% park of my revisions.

Keep in mind this doesn't count the doubtless extended time my editors will take. I have a much larger, and more focused volunteer force this time. Funny thing is, when I was looking for proofreaders for AUZ-1:Lifehack, it was a tooth-pulling experience. Now that AZU-1 is out, and people have read it, its much easier to enlist people for the 2nd edition...

This could be a combination of two factors at play-

1) Now that people have seen a BOOK from me, as opposed to a printout manuscript, the reality of it all makes it seem more legitimate, more real. I had a similar experience with my art, long ago... When I was drawing stuff on paper or on the computer, my dad dismissed it as "faggy art crap".. He never SAID that, but probably thought it. Then one day I handed him a copy of Splash 3D (which has since evolved into Super Splash 3D ) -With my art on the cover, and in the game. Suddenly he could see my art as a PRODUCT. Something more concrete. Something that might make a buck. (Of course, it didn't make much, since the marketing was a non-entity...) It was like a lightbulb went on over his head, I could see it in his face.

2) The other factor could be that people read AZU-1 lifehack, and were so horrified by the typos that they felt they needed to help for the sake of the health of literature as a whole.

In other news, as of October 1, I've officially become the vice pres of the MeadowRidge Optimist Club. (Service club aimed at helping local youth.. check out the international page for some general info)

So now, aside form my usual duties of graphic design for the club, occasional minutes taker and newsletter writer, and balloon inflater, I have to assist in laying down any required smack. Our new pres, Peter, often has to travel for work, so chairing the meetings will fall to me on those occasions.

The club's also looking at a number of new projects, the next of which is assisting with "Ghost Ridge" an annual even in Maple Ridge that's kinda a haunted house affair, the size of a barn. We were involved a little last year, but this year we're 1/5th of the volunteer force, and walking home with an appropriate portion of the money raised. It'll be our biggest funding draw yet by far.

We're also checking out the logistics for running a little concert/benefit to fight child abuse, and we're going to be ding the manhours for a Xmas hamper campaign funded Via the company my wife works for.

We're in the first stages of setting up a walk fundraiser, and looking at ways to improve on our cashwash efforts next year, which was a blast this year.

Oh! And my wife officially joined the club! Originally she wanted to keep clear of it, "that's your thing, Joe, You should have your own thing without me hanging on." (Paraphrasing) But she's been sucked in..! Baby Caitlin's an unofficial member..