Monday, October 15, 2007

28 weeks later..... totally ripped me off.

Nah, I kid, but a few events in 28 weeks had me saying to myself "man, I SO did that first.." Mind you, they did it in shiny pretty graphics.

Overall, I really liked the movie. I used to say "Yeah, I love zombie movies", but then I watched more of them. Dawn of the dead springs to mind. DOTD features quite a few scenes that are more gore than I need, tyvm.. especially one very painful looking one for a certain HypaSpace hostess.. it instantly depressed me. It was the final straw that ruined the movie for me.

Then there's things like Saw. The first had an interesting concept. I watched it hoping for some dark physiological stuff, but to so huge surprise, that aspect didn't go that deep. I skipped #2. #3 was picked despite my vote against it at a friend's house. It was just an excuse for a snuf film. Why do people pay to see that kind of meaningless suffering? What kind of person MAKES it?

But back to 28 weeks later... both it and it's predecessor, 28 days, are my kind of zombie flick. Yes, there's blood and gore, but really, not much more than is entirely necessary to tell the story of civilization being overrun by maniacal cannibalistic folks.. Well, aside from one or two bloody scenes that almost seemed comical.

But the story was interesting. It wasn't just "Enter room, watch someone die slow and horribly, go to next room". It was more of an adventure. So many horror movies feel the need to kill EVERYONE, to leave zero hope- often for the world.

Well, I could ramble on, but I'd end up repeating myself. Maybe I should watch the new Day of the Dead... that one was run by romero again, right? Maybe I can see some of his alleged consumerism metaphors in it... meh.

Anyway, this leads into Lifehack. Yes, there's zombies. Yes there's a fair handful of gore. But it's not gore for gore's sake. I'm the first to say the book isn't scary. It's not meant to be. The gore that's in there us just there to illustrate the events. I don't want to scare anyone. With Lifehack, I'm telling a story of adventure and love, with just enough of a twist to not be cliche.

And lasers.

(Actually, I don't think there ARE any lasers... Oh wait! The P90 laser sight. Ah, there. mmmmmmmm, lasers...)

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