Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Cat's eye view, and Lifehack update

Lifehack update- Passed the halfway mark in the revision the other day. whee! There was a section I wanted to paste into the blog, but not I can't remember which section it was... Aw, what the heck, have a neat lil clip that hasn't been changed much...

Just then, Alisia arrived. "Regan?" She sighed, "What are you doing here?"

Regan paused, thinking fast. "I.. just came to give these back." Regan pulled out the dog tags that she had taken days ago. "I'm sorry."

Alisia, still mostly in the hall, took the tags. She happened to look past Regan for a moment and saw her teddy bear out of place. She looked at the tags again. She didn't really mind if Regan had them, but she didn't want Regan to know that. She glanced at the garbage can nearby in the hall.

"I don't need these anymore. These say I'm a Captain. I've been promoted to Major, remember?" Alisia reached the tags over to the garbage, 'accidentally' missing, leaving them on the rim. She moved past Regan into her room and sat down. "I'll be getting new ones soon. Was there anything else?"

Regan stood, stunned. She didn't think she was convincing, but you can't argue with results. She still felt that something odd had happened. "mm, no. That was all. Just, uh.. thank you. For today."

Alisia smiled ever so slightly. "What are friends for?"

Wordlessly, Regan backed out and closed the door. She then spotted the dog tags. She considered not taking them... it's not as if she was digging through the garbage or anything. She picked them up and hugged them in her hand.

Alisia looked at her bear as if to ask what Regan did in her room, but the bear told no secrets.

Tada. Now watch the blog software chew up the formatting... which reminds me- You who comment anonymously... you know who you are... Alright, I can guess who it is by the content, but just cuz ya don't have a blogpot ID, doesn't mean ya cant sign the message... I might not always be so cunning...!

Anyway, as for the Cat's eye view....

This past weekend my wife Michelle packed up lil Ciatlin, and they went camping at Perrygin lake where much of her family camps. Next year I'm told I'm going long too, despite my disability. Grr.. oh well, I guess I have to give it a hack eventually, but this time around I ended up having the house to myself for five days.

Unless you count my mother downstairs, the renters in the suite, oh, and of course Ping and uhh... Hmm... I need a codename for our korean student! Korea.. um.. what do I think of when I think "Korea"... Radar! Alright, alright, Radar O'Riley was an american male in Korea, but she has a similarly helpful attitude, and gentle cheer. Radar it is.

Anyway, yes, aside from them, I was solo.

On the second day or so, my cat Leela wanders by. She had always been my cat more than our cat, ever since the first day we brought her home, and I defended her from the giant, hairy, overexcited, older canine sister she had just gained. Leela was my lil baby. I'm not sure when I became a cat person, but I did.

"Hey, Joe." she said with her eyes as she casually walked into the room.

"Yeah, Leela?"

She sits a few feet in front of me. "We gotta talk."

"Sure." I put my hand out 'cat-height' above my lap, inviting her to jump up. She's a big girl now, just turned three. Not too old to get on daddy's lap. (In actuality, she's still pretty small.) "What's on your mind, lil one?"

She runs her head under my hand to get petted, and wanders back and forth on my lap to garner more attention. "Well, daddy... I'm used to being the baby.."

"Yes, well..."

"And I kinda suspect I'm adopted... but... this new thing. The hairless little one...."


"Yeah, whatever. Is she gonna be here long?"

"Oh, leelers. Don't tell me you're jealous?"

"..... no! Not me! I don't get jealous! So when's that hairless thing leaving?"

"She isn't. She lives here now. She's my daughter."


I sigh, and calm Leela with a scratch behind the ear. "You're still my lil girl too."

"Is that hairless thing on my side or the dog's side?"

"Right now she's pretty much just on her own side. I guess it'll depend on which of you behaves better."

"PAH! Then I win."

"Alright then. Happy now?"

Leela looks around sulkily, then back up at me. "You still love your leelerz?"

"Of course."

"Kay. Now let me outside, stupid human!"

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