Monday, June 25, 2007


The third sci-fi book I have planned is the least developed so far.

After writing the last short story that would eventually form Lifehack, I wrote another short story that relied on the events in Lifehack, but was a very different story arc. Aside from a cameo by Alisia and Regan from Lifehack, only one of Lifehack's characters was really a part of Echoes.

(Tentative title for the book, by the way.. 'Echoes' unto itself is pretty generic sounding...)


The main protagonist was made up fresh for Echoes, but for the book, after some reflection, I realized that a minor character from Lifehack would be perfectly suited to fill the role, and it would make a lot of sense.

Also, the protagonist in the Echoes short story happened to be named "Caitlin", a name which my newborn daughter has since claimed for herself.

Sheesh, not even a month old, and she's already plagiarizing me.

By utter coincidence, echoes' protagonist's role as a daughter is highly significant to the main story. I hope my relationship with my daughter goes smoother.


Something else being thrown out of the short story for the book is Soledad. Before Soledad O'Brian was a huge name, I heard it, and thought it was cool for a character. I drew some stuff up on my Soledad, and jammed her into the story. She didn't fit so well.

Hey, have a pic of my Soledad:Hawt? Sure. Make any sense in the story? Not a lot. The ideas behind the character might get adapted to a new character, but the end result will not resemble Soledad much.

And I may as well mention that Echoes will break the 2/2-book streak of the protagonist being a lesbian. The protagonist (notice how I'm not dropping the name? I have the name, but I'm not telling, for sake of a minor Lifehack spoiler)

-- anyway, her sexuality won't be an issue, if she even has a sexuality. In the short story I left her and Soledad as close friends, allowing people to think what they want about the future of the relationship. I might do the same thing between protagonist and Soledad-replacement, but with a much lighter touch.


Anyway, that's about all I'm ready to say about Echoes at this point.. I don't know how many spoilers I want to give away. I'll say this though... no romance, much more flashy sci-fi. Kind of the opposite direction I took with Watching Yute, which is high drama, low flash.

Next entry I'll be dipping into the non-fiction books I have on the go.. which will it be...

The children's book about my dog?

Or the fairly autobiographical one that deals largely with my injury/disability with 2 scoops of humor?

Flip a coin...

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